2n1 is responsible for the commercialization of citizenship titles to become an official member of the People of Satoshi.

Our goal is to be the platform that provides support and technology for members to organize liquidity events in their businesses or projects.

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Citizenships Roadmap

Phase 1: Demand Identification

Recognize the existence of a natural demand among bitcoiners and libertarians around the world, who seek to unite based on common principles and values for the foundation of a new nation.

Phase 2: Strategic Planning

After identifying the demand, develop an action plan to develop and achieve the proposed objectives, aiming to enable the supply for this specific demand.

Phase 3: Proposal of the Terra de Satoshi

Present the idea of the Terra de Satoshi as the first private and decentralized country, based on the principles of Bitcoin and libertarianism. Launch the whitepaper detailing the project.

Phase 4: People Unification

Focus on uniting people before the territorial issue, introducing the People of Satoshi as a community that seeks autonomy and freedom, contrary to the imposed social contract.

Phase 5: Networking and Citizenship

Create the largest libertarian bitcoiner networking club, offering 210,000 citizenship titles, promoting interactions and business among members.

Phase 6: Member Benefits

Offer exclusive benefits to members, including education, international networking, and a dedicated app to facilitate interactions and transactions within the community.

Phase 7: Public Presentation

Publicly promote the People of Satoshi as a benefits club, emphasizing the mission to unite global bitcoiners and libertarians.

Phase 8: Early Education

Start educational activities before the official launch of the People of Satoshi, ensuring that promises are fulfilled in advance to committed members.

Phase 9: Founding Members Group

Establish a WhatsApp group for the first 210 future members, providing in advance everything that was promised.

Phase 10: Promotion and Representation

Have representatives at global events to promote the idea and attract more members to the club, aiming for the future foundation of a nation.

Phase 11: Advertising and Engagement

Present the project to the public through videos, live streams with influencers, and clarification sessions to increase visibility and support for the project.

Phase 12: Website Launch

Implement the official website of the People of Satoshi to detail the project and clarify doubts, including transparency in the allocation of resources obtained from the sale of citizenship titles.

Phase 13: Budget Transparency

Inform members about the budgetary needs to advance with the project, marking the pre-launch for the acquisition of citizenship titles through a contribution of 210,000 satoshis.

Phase 14: Social Media Strategy

Intensify presence on social media to widely promote the People of Satoshi, aiming to attract interest and engagement for the project.

Phase 15: Pre-launch and Informative Live Stream

Conduct a pre-launch on April 21, with a 21-hour live stream presenting the project, special guests, and influencers, where participants can reserve their citizenship and access the club's benefits.

Phase 16: Technological Development and Tokens

After the initial fundraising, develop the technology to issue tokens on the Bitcoin timechain, allowing members to self-custody their citizenship titles, as planned in the project's roadmap.

Phase 17: First International Meeting of the People of Satoshi

Organize the first international meeting of the People of Satoshi on September 21, to be held on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, establishing the tradition of annual events in various locations around the world. Subsequent destinations include El Salvador, Argentina, and others. Official members of the People of Satoshi will have free and permanent access to all official events.

Phase 18: "Influencers vs Influenced" Football Match

During the first international event of the People of Satoshi, organize a thematic and fun football match between "Influencers" and "Influenced". The game, preferably 11-a-side football, will feature 21 influencers wearing the Terra de Satoshi jersey, acting as the starting team and substitutes, competing against official members of the People of Satoshi. This event will be marked as the first official match of the Terra de Satoshi football team, symbolizing unity and community spirit of the proposed nation.

Phase 19: Delivery of Citizenship Titles and App Launch

At the first international event of the People of Satoshi, physically deliver the citizenship titles in token format, developed on the Bitcoin network, to members who acquired them during the pre-launch. From this moment, new buyers will be able to withdraw and self-custody the tokens, officially becoming members of the People of Satoshi. Additionally, the initial version of the People of Satoshi app will be launched, and 21 Bitcoin and libertarian influencers from all continents will be invited to participate in the event, marking a significant moment of celebration and progress for the community.

Phase 20: Title Commercialization and Territorial Acquisition

Sell all 210,000 People of Satoshi titles through the 2n1 platform. Use the raised capital to negotiate with a head of state for the purchase of a portion of territory. The agreement would be sealed by an international treaty with the witness of 21 heads of state, ensuring the necessary freedom to establish the nation of the Terra de Satoshi, providing autonomy and sovereignty to develop a community based on the values of Bitcoin and libertarianism.

Phase 21: Foundation of the Terra de Satoshi

Officialize the foundation of the first private and decentralized nation, the Terra de Satoshi, based on the principles and values of Bitcoin and libertarianism. Expand the project by acquiring lands around the world to create a network of decentralized communities of the Terra de Satoshi, as outlined in the official project whitepaper. This stage marks the beginning of a new era of community sovereignty and financial and political independence.

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